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动词的考查点:词义辨析,动词时态和语态,情态动词,动词的固定搭配 动词在历年星级考试完形填空中占的比例都是相当得大,达到30%-40%。 一.动词词义辨析: 1.动词词义辨析是近年星级考题的必考题。它主要是考






2. 做题方法:读懂句子,记住单词的意思

例1:Hundreds of people,mostly older people,  __  at the square.A traditional love story was staged.(09.3)

A.met       B.gathered         C.found      D.saw

Keys: B 根据句意,集中在广场。met(meet)见面;gathered(gather)集合,集中;found(find)发现;saw(see)看见。


例2:If you ______ too loudly your voice echoed(回声). (10.3)

A. talked      B. told      C. said     D. shouted

Keys:A 根据句意:如果你讲话太高声,你会听到回声,这里“讲话”用talk. said(say)说;shouted(shout)大叫。


例3:Japan is rich because it makes and ____ many modern things---cars, motorcycles, computers, televisions.(10.8)

A. boys            B. sells            C. products            D. gets

Keys: B 根据句意:日本富有是因为它制作和销售许多现代东西,如汽车,摩托车,电脑,电视和无线电广播设备。Boy男孩;sell卖;product产品;get得到。



1.Then we  __  the Changing of the Guard(士兵换岗).(10.8)

A. visited               B. looked                  C. saw        D. watched


2. Stephen asked Megan to buy dumplings for him. But when she __1__ the price tag, she said, “ Stephen, let’s buy dumplings tomorrow. Mom doesn’t have enough money now. "" OK, but please __2__ a thing I choose.”

“Sure, but not expensive.”So Stephen picked a very small bag of candies. After that, Megan picked up a bottle of milk and three apples. But when she was going to __3__ for them, she was told they were altogether twenty two yuan. "

1 A. looked for      B. looked at          C. found        D. saw

2 A. sell            B. buy                   C. use           D. give 

3 A. buy                   B. leave                    C. pay                D. change




1. 时态的考查主要以现在, 过去和将来三种时态,

现在时态中有一般现在时(do/does, 现在进行时(am/is/are doing), 现在完成时(has/have done

过去时态中有一般过去时(did)过去进行时(was/were doing).

将来时态中有一般将来时(am/is/are going to do ; will do

2. 动词语态,语态有两种:主动语态被动语态

3. 做题方法:动词时态的使用,主要看时间状语上下文;语态的考查主要是了解主语和动词的关系。 

 例1.  Tomorrow we      visit the British Museum in the morning and the National Gallery in the afternoon.(10.8)

A. are going to        B. should     C. might       D. must

Keys:A 时间状语为tomorrow,用将来时be going to.

    例2.  It was taken over what Americans call their Christmas break or vacation. Schools ______ for a period of two weeks. (10.3)

A. closed                                        B. finished 

C. were closed                            D. were over

Keys:C 课程结束是被动语态排除AB,后面跟的是段时间所以选C

 例3.“ Which floor will you live on then?” my husbandasked him. His face ____ red, "I’ll have to ask my wife. "

A. turned     B. change      C. changed       D. turn

Keys: A 从上句asked可知为过去时态,故下文用过去时态,排除BD,脸变红是turn red,所以选A。

例4.Anchang was quiet and clean. In the afternoon,a local opera(地方戏)  __  in the public square(广场)in front of Chenghuangdian (City God Temple).This form of entertainment was mentioned a lot in Lu Xun’s novels.(09.3)

A.is performing                                      B.is performed     

C.was performing                                          D.was performed

Keys:D 全篇时态为过去时。performed 这里需要用到被动语态。被动语态:be+动词过去式。



Today was Friday. Maggie was going to __1__ her husband in the square in

front of a department store at six thirty. They __2__ go to the cinema in the evening. But when she __3__ her work, it was already five past six.

1 A. See                   B. receive         C. pick up                D. meet

2 A. were going to   B. will                C. could                   D. are going to

3 A. was finished    B. finished               C. started                 D. was started

Keys: D;A;B



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