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 Module 6

  go to the cinema 去看电影

  go to a football match 去看足球赛

  see a film / see films 看电影

  in the morning / afternoon / evening  在早上/下午/傍晚

  invite Tony to the cinema 邀请Tony去看电影

  be on 上演

  on Monday / Tuesday …在星期一/星期二…

  at the hotel 在酒店

  at the stadium 在体育馆

  at the theatre 在剧院

  best wishes 最良好的祝愿

  have classes / lessons 上课

  stay at home 呆在家里

  do one's homework 做作业

  go to the park 去公园

  Module 7

  have Chinese 上语文课

  have an English lesson 上英语课

  What are your lessons today? 你今天上什么课?

  at eight o'clock 在八点

  at half past ten 在十点半

  talk about one's homework 谈论某人的作业

  What about you? 你呢?/你怎么样啊?

  get up 起床

  have breakfast / lunch / dinner 吃早餐/午饭/晚饭

  go to school 上学

  have a break 休息

  talk with my friends 与我的朋友交谈/聊天

  have meat and rice 吃肉和米饭

  go home 回家

  get home到家

  finish school 放学

  study science / maths 学习科学/数学

  Module 8

  send him a card 送他一张卡片

  =send a card to him

  make him a cake 做一个蛋糕给他

   =make a cake for him

  give her a game 送一个游戏给她

   =give a game to her

  have a birthday party 举行生日晚会

  watch football 看足球比赛  =watch a football match

  go to one's party 去某人的晚会

  a lot of 大量,很多  =lots of

  go to concerts 去听音乐会

  in / from the USA在/来自美国

  on television 通过电视

  CDs by Twins Twins的CD

  a box of chocolates 一盒巧克力

  a pair of trainers 一双软运动鞋

  a pair of jeans 一条牛仔裤

  in one's home 在某人的家里

  at home 在家

  at once 马上,立即

  give flowers as presents 送花作为礼物

  Module 9

  Welcome to Beijing Zoo 欢迎到北京动物园

  sixteen thousand 一万六千

  in / from the Arctic 在/来自北极

  There she is. 她在那里。

  in Europe / Africa / Asia 在欧洲/非洲/亚洲

  be European / African / Asian



  European wolves欧洲的狼

  African monkeys 非洲的猴子

  in the wild 在野外

  in the forest 在森林

  in the jungle 在热带雨林

  in the desert 在沙漠

  in (the) grassland 在草原

  around the world 全世界,世界各地

  =all around the world

  =all over the world

  =for twelve hours

  15 kilos of bamboo 15公斤竹子

  stay healthy 保持健康

  Module 10

  switch on the computer 开电脑

  open a new document打开新文档

  write a name for the document 为文档写个名字

  download music from the Internet  从网上下载音乐

  go online 上网

  make travel plans 做旅游计划

  on the Internet 在互联网上

  at the weekend 周末

  visit a website 浏览网页,访问网站

  use my laptop for my lessons 用笔记本电脑备课

  use the Internet to do their homework 用互联网来做作业

  connect to the Internet 连接到互联网

  connect the monitor to the computer  把显示器连接到主机

  save a document 保存文档

  print a document 打印文档

  check the timetable 核对时间表

  at work 在工作

  at school 在学校

  at home 在家

  at break 休息时

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