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来源:家长帮社区 文章作者:周济 2011-08-15 11:28:38



 The 26th universiade will be held in August in Shenzhen.Let’s me tell you some thing about it. First of all.Let’s come back to the history of the universiade.The fitst universiade was held in Turin, Italy.Beijing had once hosted universiade .So far,the universiade has been held for 25times. The mascot of the 26th universiade is UU.UU is very cute.Her eyes are small ,like two commas.It has a smile on her face .It means happy and sweet.Her body is colorful.It means youth and full of vigor.I’m so happy whenever I see her. Start Here is the universiade slogan.Start Here is easy to read .You can get many ideas. In my mind ,universiade is full of love ,harmany and health.Let’ hope the universiade be better and better.

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