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H.看看说说 梳子,字典,叶子,毛巾,茄子, 手帕,叉子 D.听说相反 Set1 There are many mosquitoes in the house. Jack has been very lucky for the past two years. Why don t you stand in front of me? The st





  A. You play the role of a mother. The coming Saturday is your husband’s 40th birthday. You and your children are discussing how to celebrate it.

  B. You play the role of a child. Your father’s 40th birthday is coming. You and your mother are discussing how to celebrate it.


  A You play the role of a grandson. You are willing to teach your grandmother some English. The first sentence you teach her is “ Welcome to Shanghai.”

  B You play the role of a grandmother. You want to learn some English because you want to do something for the Expo 2010. Now you are asking your grandson for help.



  1 Look, the kite is rising.

  2 It’s the second time I passed the test

  3 She never let her child eats sweet thing.

  4 It is necessary to bring the umbrella with you.

  5 The chicken dish made by my father is really delicious.




  道具: 一张桌子 一叠正方形的纸片 红黑绿水笔各一支 一把剪刀 一个小盒子

  1 Pick up a piece of paper from the desk

  2 Fold the paper across the middle to make it a triangle

  3 With a black pen draw a house at the bottom of the triangle

  4 Now with the green pen, draw a cloud above the house

  5 Cut off the 3 corners of the triangle with the scissors

  6 Put all the little pieces of paper into the small box

  7 Put the picture of the house in the top right-hand corner of the desk


  道具: 纸 书 铅笔盒(铅笔, 圆珠笔, 橡皮)

  1 Take a piece of paper out of the drawer

  2 Take a pencil and an eraser out of the pencil-box

  3 Open the book and turn to the last page

  4 Now write down the last page number on the piece of paper

  5 Take thirteen from this number and tell the teacher the total

  6 Now divide the number you’ve just worked out by two

  7 Tell the teacher the answer and put the paper into the small box



  1 Which is bigger, a sparrow or an owl? (An owl)

  2 What do you do with a camera? (Take pictures)

  3 How many words are there in the word “lake”? (Four letters)

  4 Where can we find a lot of new books? (In bookstore/libraries)

  5 Why have you come here to take the oral test? (To test my English)

  6 Does pork come from sheep? (Yes, it does)

  7 Name three sports that are popular in China? (Table tennis, basketball and football/…)

  8 I’m sorry I forgot to bring back your book. (Oh, that’s all right/ That’s OK/ It doesn’t matter)


  1 Who is important in your life?

  2 Can people drive on the left side of the street in China? (No, they can’t)

  3 What color is the cucumber inside? (Light green)

  4 How often do you go to see a film? (Once a month/ Never/…)

  5 Why do people drink bean milk? (Because they want to be strong)

  6 How much is 24 plus 16? (40)

  7 Name two well-known scientists. (Edison/Newton/…)

  8 Thank you for your good advice. (My pleasure/ You’re welcome)

  看图说话: 两人在弹钢琴, A说B弹的不好, 换A弹. A很得意地问” 听出来有什么不同了


  看看说说: 洋葱 小玩具

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